Why a WordPress website?

WordPress is a website building system originally designed for building web blogs. A blog (web log) is simply a website with the content arranged chronologically (like a diary) where you can write useful articles or posts which tell your readers what you or your business is up to.

Although it was originally designed for bloggers, it has turned into a very powerful platform for building standard websites for both businesses and individuals.

By a standard website, I mean a site with a homepage, menu, contact page, etc. As a matter of fact with a bit of tweaking I defy you to come up with a site idea that WordPress can’t deliver. E-commerce, membership sites, portfolios are just a few types that are made simple with WordPress.

This is a free open source software which is used by over 27 million people world wide. It is also the most used platform in the top 100 sites (Technorati), so you will be in good company.

If you install WordPress with a decent theme and use a few popular plugins, you get some amazing stuff that is not present on many average HTML sites:

  • Ping-O-Matic which announces new content
  • Blog pinging to encourage back-linking
  • User-generated content (comments)
  • An RSS feed (promotes traffic)
  • Auto SEO optimized titles and URLs
  • Good automatic intra-site linking

WordPress is used to power millions of websites worldwide, which owners control and publish without staff or technical coding skills. We’ll be by your side showing you how you can update your site easily. If you can write a document in Microsoft Word you can easily learn how to use WordPress.

Just look at some of these big names using WordPress… (the official showcase includes eBay, Nokia, Pepsi, Coke, Ford, Samsung, Nikon, Fisher Price, to name just a few)

As easy as WordPress is you can learn to do it yourself and if you search YouTube you will find over 5,000 tutorials in varying degrees of usefulness.

But if you are too busy and need us to do it for you… let us help, so all you have to do is add the text and images. Then if you come across any problems we are always just a phone call away and can help you sort it out.

Also, with all our web packages we give you access to easy-to-follow WordPress tutorials by our own internet guru, Kevin Brown.

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