Why a website?

Why does your business need a website?

Maybe you are in the phone directory. Maybe you are on the high street. Maybe most of your custom comes from word of mouth. You have been doing fine up till now why spend money and time on a website?

In the UK, 34,104,175 people are estimated to have Internet access. That’s 57.2 percent of the entire population. And the ‘active internet universe’ - those who surf regularly - amounts to 21,799,637. On average, surfers in the UK now spend nearly 10 hours a month online. (Others estimate the numbers are slightly smaller, but there’s no question that they are on the increase).*

If your business is stuck only the “real” world it will get left behind. The revolution of the “smart phone” means that more people than ever will start to rely on internet access to help them navigate augmented reality. The new useful play toy that can bring up reviews to a restaurant before you walk in the door by just pointing your phone towards it. (and so much more)

Sounds futuristic? No it is here and Yelp already has an app for it.

If you are not online you will be invisible to a huge group of custom. You are invisible already.

Maybe business has been a bit slower and you are blaming it on the economy? Maybe it is a trend and your business is getting left behind.

A website is an address on the web. Think of it as a virtual shop.

If you could open a business in a second location for £12 - £26 a month would you do it?

A second location that could open your business to a new world of online clients. Would that work for you?

Contact us now and let us show you how far your business can grow…

* source for internet users & website surfers

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