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Web design - should you settle for cheap?

In this economic climate we are all looking for ways to cut back and web design is a place where most people want to start. But if you depend on your business for income make sure you are covering the following points. If you don’t you could lose it all…

  • first are you building in flash or do you have a website in flash? (300 million apple products are out there and can’t view your website)
  • is your website mobile and tablet viewable? (There will be more internet-connected mobile devices than people in the world before the end of 2013)
  • can anyone find your site? (if you are not coming up when people are searching for you then having a website at all is a waste of money)
  • can you update content on your website yourself? (a business having to change a phone number can render a website useless and do you really want to have to hire a developer every time something changes?)
  • is your website secure? (90% of most businesses have been hacked in the last year 2011 and skimping on updating your website could mean scary things for your business)
I notice many of my clients are not feeling the pinch at all. Why is that? because many businesses think it is the economy and in reality it is that the ways people find business is changing. They are searching online and if you are not being found they are going to your competitors.
If you are not committed to running your business in the best way possible then you are hoping to get lucky and that is no way to run a business. With developing a great website that has great SEO, you don’t wait for luck, you dedicate yourself to building something that lasts and does the job. I love this video below which reminds me to give all I have to any job to make it the best website I can.




the most important line for me in that song is below, don’t wait for luck. If you are waiting for luck for your customers to find your website then you will be waiting a long time

(You can be a champion)

You can be a master

(You can be a champion)

Don’t wait for luck

(You can be a champion)

Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself

(You can be a champion)

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