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Mystery Shopper

mystery shopperA Mystery Shopper can be one of the most important tools for improving  service to your clients.

It can be really difficult to realize the impression your business and staff are making on your customers. Sometimes you’re so close to the business that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Our mystery shopper will help you see through the eyes of a customer and help evaluate the following:

  • First point of contact - How do your clients find you, what is their first point of contact? Is it a directory, website, advertisement, or maybe a phone call? See how you could be losing your custom before they are even on your radar.
  • Customer / Client service - How do your staff handle your customers when you are not around? How do you come across after a long day? Whether things are slow or busy, you can make sure you are keeping the clients you already have by giving them top-notch service at every turn.
  • Product / Service Knowledge - If a staff member doesn’t instill confidence in your product, they may be inadvertently sending business elsewhere. Find out what your average customer /client wants to know, and what answers they are getting.
  • Performance against competitors - We can mystery shop your competitors and show you what they are doing right (or wrong). This can be a powerful insight to better business for you.
  • Layout and atmosphere - What impact does your business property make on your potential client /customer? What type of atmosphere tells most people in the first few seconds whether they want to give you their business or not.
  • Compliance - Are there company health and safety rules being ignored. Is there a regulatory body whose codes of conduct need to be followed? We can make sure your staff are conforming to the guideline at all times.
  • Training needs - When your report comes back and you see what needs fixing we can help train staff with relevant workshops and written material

Our mystery shopper services are available to a wide range of industries and in almost any conceivable format. Prices vary according services rendered, but it is always free to call and find out.

If you would like to learn more about our mystery shopper services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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