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SEO helpSEO Help vs SEO Myths

It is a belief that you can do something after your website is finished and magically be first in Google search results in week.

Unless you use black hat SEO techniques that is largely false. SEO help is really about giving Google and other search engines what they want and even then unless you have a great SEO Website design to start, it can be nearly impossible to rank easily.

We can give your old site the changes it needs to rank, or design a new site to tick every SEO box that Google and other search engines want…

SEO Help To Satisfy Search Engines

What Google and other search engines desire is for your website to offer something that their searchers want.

  • They want you to be an authority
  • They want you to have good content that is easy to find, understand, and index.
  • They want your website to have ORIGINAL content
  • They want proof that you do what you say you do
  • They want proof your business operates where it says it does
  • They want you to be so good that people are talking about you (social media)
  • They want people to stay on your site for a long time, click things, and take action.
How do we know this? Because Google actually tells us. There is a little known area that Google maintains for SEO help called “Google Webmaster Guidelines They also do videos and release updates. The problem is most business owners don’t have time to keep abreast of all the info.
That’s our job. We find out what the search engines want. We read the research, watch the videos and webinars, and listen to the gossip. Then we make it easy for you to keep up-to-date.

There are numerous ways that we can incorporate SEO into the design of your website to help it rank. We do this free of charge and we have proof that it works. Check out our SEO Case Studies.

We also either can blog for you (this costs) or tell you how to blog (this is for free). It is best if you do it anyway so your clients hear your true voice.

Even our budget sites have blogging capability because we know how important it is for Google ranking.

If you don’t want to be a client and need assistance, check out our screen cast videos that show you step by step all the things you can do to rank.

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