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SEO case study - spam injectors

I recently was asked to look at a website that was not ranking for some low competition keywords like “pie and mash shop in London” .  Now I found a few things but the last was the biggest. At the bottom of this post you can see the screenshots showing my discovery.

A quick look threw up quite a few things. The most obvious thing is that the website’s main domain temporarily redirects to a separate folder this passes zero link juice and doesn’t use any kind of pretty permalinks adding loads of excess in the URLs. Adding another needless layer to a site is just silly. I see this all the time especially with wordpress websites. You might see for example when coming to the homepage of a site.

  • But further in I see it uses an out of date flash visitor book which does not work anyway
  • keyword density is getting finer and finer and because of little text on some the pages keywords like “pie” and “mash” are about 7% which looks spammy should be 1-2%
  • the code to text ratio shows that there is very little content to google about 5% is actual content versus 95% code
  • the website does not use a variety of headings like H2 or H3 or even H1 using any keywords
  • though the site appears to have a site map visually they are missing a sitemap.xml file
  • does not appear to have analytics installed or if so it is not done correctly
  • has too many CSS files
  •  menu structure there is no hierarchy, for instance click on home then, food then, about us then, souvenirs, then visitors book etc all lead to the same place
  • not mobile friendly

google does not like the local listing and is not verified

Spam links hidden in the code WOW!! THIS IS A BIGGIE . This by itself will make a website lose ranking, either the website/ server has been breeched or someone with access to the site put in hidden spam. The sooner they get a new website/ hosting the better.

Now the funny thing is and google diagnostic did not throw up any issues except to say the platform needed updating.
There are plenty of reasons why scanning often doesn’t work which I go into in another article here but the real danger is people assume because they did a scan they are safe but there is nothing further from the truth.

Spam on your site will affect ranking. If your site is suppose to be about shoes and there are random links about viagra and replica rolex watches then google will surely pick that up in the next crawl.come up with any problems for this website which I found out has been infected for over 6 months.

Further below I show what the source code looks like. It is even in another language but other images show that the website page itself shows nothing unusual. When the admin is signed in they don’t even see anything in the text their unless they look into the HTML and how many users do that?



The page itself shows nothing wrong

look at the amount of it on just one page


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