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Retail getting ready for Christmas

With retail it is all about Christmas.

In tough economic times it is important to be abreast of important trends.

I have copied what I believe is the most important trend in the following report…

IBM Coremetrics 2011  UK Christmas Season Readiness Report Industry Benchmark Analysis  and Best Practice Guide 

Capitalise on the Mobile Channel

The sizable increases in mobile devices as a percentage of site traffic and sales are a clarion call to online retailers. If you are not building and executing a mobile game plan, some clever and enterprising competitor is going to leave you in the dust during the 2011 Christmas season.

The increases revealed by Coremetrics Benchmark correspond with other industry research. For example, mobile internet retail sales could double in the next 3 years. By 2013, mobile internet sales could reach as much as £275m, 4% of online retail spending, up from £123m currently, according to Verdict Research.4

Yet retailers have been relatively slow to embrace the mobile channel, according to a May 2011 study by Forrester Research and Only 48 percent of retailers reported having a mobile-optimised web site, and only 35 percent offered an iPhone app, the firms’ survey found.5

With the emergence of tablets and smart phones, mobile devices have become an almost physical extension of the consumer. Shoppers use devices virtually anywhere, anytime, to browse products, compare prices, check availability and store locations, and hunt for deals.

High usage during over the Christmas season can be expected as harried consumers utilise their devices as shopping tools—and then share their experiences on social media while sipping a coffee at a shopping mall.

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