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Responsive Web Design in London

Responsive Web Design is the new “buzz word” in London.

And a lot of people are throwing it about to be in the know. But is it the answer for your business needs? Keep reading because I am going to tell you why it may be the biggest mistake you may make for your business.

Responsive web design basically is taking a full size website and breaking it down in smaller bite-size chunks that are viewable in mobile devices. So you are compartmentalising your data. As designers and developers, we do this already with sidebars, header widgets etc. So nothing new yet.

responsive web design in LondonBut with responsive web design, every time you view it in a different size browser window it re-arranges these chunks in a different way so it views better for each device.

Cool huh? For instance if you look at the face of this rubik’s cube and imagine it is your regular website as viewed on a laptop but when viewed on a mobile phone you view one square at a time and they are stacked vertically. They then are stacked differently for any other size screen.

Well what is wrong with this? With mobile smart phones and tablets outselling traditional computers and laptops that can only be the smartest thing you can do for your client.

If you don’t have a mobile optimised website you are losing customers, it is that simple.

But consider the reality of mobile phone and tablet devices. You are talking about at least 8 different major browsers on mobile devices. You are talking about literally thousands of different screen sizes and resolutions.

But the most important thing about mobile devices is download speed which varies ridiculously from day to day and provider to provider.

This is my point… most tablets and phones often have a very slow connection at some point even if you are in the heart of London. And if you are trying to load a full sized website in to your mobile device then no matter how cool and responsive the design it can take forever.

What happens when you go to a website on your mobile device and it is slow to load? You leave. You are gone faster than a British summer.

Google’s own stats say that 68% of searchers that find you on a mobile device are ready to take action. Then and there. So for goodness sake, make it easy on them. They want to buy something or find/contact you NOW!

Give them what they want fast and easy..

Let me also mention something about responsive design. It will be expensive. Much more expensive then a website and a separate mobile site. It is like building and solving a rubik’s cube over and over. It will probably be so much back and forth with testing that you as a client or a designer will want to give up. If you don’t give up then there will be compromises that will have to be made.

Now let me say, if you don’t have much on your website then you might consider it. But the average business website has too much on the home page to make it a good idea.

Responsive Mobile Website or Responsive Web Design in London?

I say build both a mobile website and a full site because most browsing speeds are still too slow. For now, but be ready because mobile users will demand faster connections and the next website you build needs to be able to respond in kind. So designers be practicing responsive web design now because the time is coming when it will be essential.

Try out this website on different devices (and turn to landscape view) to see what having both can offer. Also try or for a different example. Then if you really still feel you are ready for a responsive web design, we can do it for you.

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