Price of a website - affordable versus cheap

“When you buy a vase cheap, look for the flaw; when a man offers favors, look for the motive” Japanese Proverb

When shopping for a web developer or designer to represent your business it is appropriate to give a great deal of thought regarding price.

If it is very cheap you should ask:

  1. Why they can afford to create so cheaply?
  2. Ask them if they can put in writing exactly what they promise. Never assume something is included like contact forms or logos. (Passed emails often constitutes a written contract if all details are present like dates, fees, deadlines, etc in a formal written language)
  3. Make sure they give you written deadlines.
  4. Make sure they share with you from the beginning any passwords or usernames associated with the site.
  5. What happens if, after the site is finished, there is some change that must be implemented like a change of phone number, price or some other information? Would there be additional charges and how much?
  6. How much is paid up front and what happens if you are not happy with the work?
  7. What website browsers do they test the site in? The major browsers at least should all be covered especially Internet explorer 6.0 which is particularly buggy. The more they test in the better. The last thing you want is a site that doesn’t work.
  8. Is it a fixed price or can there be other costs?

And if they are too expensive? Keep shopping around :)

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