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Let us help build your new business for you though the use of mobile apps!


It is likely that all of your customers have a mobile phone and many have two. Mobile sales are outselling PCs now and if you are not appealing to a market that probably lives 24/7 within a metre of their mobile and checks it a average of 34 times a day (CNN quotes a study) then you are losing out.

If you are interested in increasing your level of interaction with your customers and helping them to buy more of either products or services from you, then Mobile Apps are a must. Your business’s credibility increases at every step that you are more useful to your clients and an app makes whatever you offer more accessible.

Start Up NOW will show you how to harness the power of the popular smart phones that most of your customers (and prospective FUTURE customers) are carrying with them ALL OF THE TIME! With your own iPhone and Android App, you can reach out and connect with people right on their smartphones where they are at – on the go.

Offer coupons, push message alerts and updates, QR coupons and loyalty programs right inside your app! This keeps customers coming back and allows them to tell their friends about you.

mobile appsSome typical examples of Mobile Apps features:

  • Book a table, an appointment, or a service at the push of a button
  • Get vouchers when a GPS locator says you are near the target business
  • Gather news and get a feed on a particular subject
  • Connect to a twitter feed on any subject or business account
  • Get the latest updates through Facebook and like instantly
  • View the latest videos or have a series of tutorials from any YouTube channel
  • Get directions or look at a map and see your location
  • Receive instant push notifications to get up to the second updates and special offers
  • Connect to any website listing or page

The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. What are the needs of your business? Mobile Apps have the potential you’re craving. Mobile Apps have the access to get you out there to tens of millions of potential customers!

Custom Mobile Apps development requires an average low initial investment of £500-£800 and £38 monthly for maintenance depending on features which includes both an android and iPhone app and yearly updated versions. The only other cost is a yearly iTunes license of about £65. (Google play has no costs at this time)

Remember all our sales are through Paypal so your investment is protected and we offer a 60 money back guarantee if for any reason you are not happy with your new app.

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Custom Mobile Apps for business will be as important as a phone number soon, don’t get left behind.


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