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How to overcome impossible barriers

With business there will always be obstacles. It is never a matter of if problems will happen, it is a matter of when will they happen. The secret to a successful business is how you overcome the problems that come your way.

The man in this video had a problem hit him and the chances were very small, about 5%,  that he would even live through it let alone truly overcome it.

But he did. And he overcame it in such a way that his dream of playing professional American football not only came true but he he was drafted in the first round.



What problems are you having? And then ask yourself, “is it as bad as having an operation where they have to tear your chest open?” Our problems can stack up on us and sometimes feel insurmountable but have some videos near to hand like this one and tackle your problems one at a time and you will be shocked how quickly you can recover.

He could have whined and moaned…”why did this happen to me now?” I am so young. I had so much ahead of me. Instead he focused on being grateful that he was alive and he built on that.

In business, especially in Web Design and SEO, barriers can seem impossible sometimes but not taking no for an answer and coming at it in a different way will always bring results.



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