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Don’t want your website to look like everyone else’s? Dare to be different! You may have to take a bit of a risk to capture attention when there are over 300 million other websites on the internet. So many of our clients want to play it safe and go with a safe professional design but trying to appeal to the masses often means you don’t define yourself or your business. Be an individual! If so we want to work with you to test the limits of crazy. If you want a boring old design that looks professional but is sterile and lifeless then call someone else for you website design.

Magnolia walls might work when you are selling a property but not when you are trying to land a new customer. Watch this video for a bit of inspiration.



This kid seized a moment and got attention enough to last a lifetime. Now he has a memory that will bring not only a smile to his face when he relives it but everyone else who sees this video. You might say it was embarrassing but most people were wishing it was them. With business you have to put yourself out there. Be vulnerable, people will respond and they will love you for it.

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