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Dealing with complaints

When problems occur of any sort here is the one-size fits all solution:
1. Reassure client  “It’s okay we can sort it out whatever it is” no blame is assigned- do not take instant responsibility
2. Gather more information and details ” Okay what exactly is the problem?”
3. Buy time “I can understand why you are upset. Okay I am going to look at this and I will get right back to you”
4. If client doesn’t want to let you go with things like “when..? what?…blah blah blah” respond “Look we want to handle this right, I am going to look at this and get right back to you, don’t worry” this will reassure them just keep repeating variations on this until they let you go.
5.  Analyze problem in calm away from client and set action plan then contact them immediately to tell them the action plan if you can’t sort it in 20 minutes.
6. Regardless of fault ” I am really sorry we/you are having this problem. I will sort it straight away by ………and get back to you when it is sorted”
7. Sort the problem
8. Contact the client again and check they are happy and thank them for their patience even if they weren’t :)
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