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Custom QR Codes

We’re now offering your own brandable and custom QR codes. They’re just like the one on this page, but can be any logo or corporate colours you can imagine.

No more boring black and white! These days it’s about nabbing attention while you can. Dazzle your clients with your own custom QR codes with your logo or most any other image.

What’s are Custom QR Codes Anyway?

custom QR codes

They’re like bar codes, only more accessible and versatile, and have immense marketing potential in our modern day of tablets, smart phones, iPods etc. Mobile consumerism is definitely on the rise! During the month of June 2011, some estimates say that over 14 million people scanned custom QR codes, and this doesn’t even account for desktops and those scanned at retail outfits.

Though they have been around for over a decade, first being created and used in Japan, they’re now really starting to become an online powerhouse of advertising and marketing. Getting them custom made is all the rave. The options we have available to make something unique and defining are out of this world!

Custom QR Codes Help your clients to do any of the following:

  • Go to any web page imaginable
  • Watch a YouTube video with ease
  • Go your Google Maps location immediately
  • See your Twitter profile
  • Land on your Facebook page
  • Go and leave a review on any site you choose
  • Link to a listing in iTunes
  • To dial a telephone number
  • Receive text or voucher
  • Give an email address
  • Send an email message
  • Receive contact details straight away
  • Go to a Paypal buy now link effortlessly

As you can see the potential is there at your fingertips. There’s no time to waste, put us to work for you! We’ll have the technology to turn our magic with custom QR codes into that extra something that helps to situate any online business into the digital sphere.


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