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Credit card use declining

handprintCredit card use is in decline. ( Article on Credit card use )

So what will happen? Big business will get more creative about how to make shopping easier. They will say to themselves, “how can we get people to spend money without thinking about it?”

This is their job, to get us to spend, and one of the answers will be contactless payments (NFC Near Field Communications).

It is already here, and banks will start pushing it more soon. They also have raised the limit to £15 from £10 without a PIN  (see contactless payment article ) so it will be easier to spend more already. You just wave your card, or phone, over the device and easy peasy.

Soon they will want bigger purchases from you and so will create easier purchases for bigger ticket items.

Helpful to you as a business? Only if you are up-to-date with the technology and are exploring how you can make it benefit your sales.

Don’t count yourself out if you aren’t retail. Most all services can benefit from this technology with the use of QR codes. Start planning now and get creative with how you can take advantage.

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