Communication skills

A little praise goes a long way yet many people dish it out like it was being rationed.

I’ve often found that a lot of managers don’t tell an individual when they’ve done a good job.

Praising someone is an investment because it makes the recipient feel valued and want to continue delivering their best.

We all like to feel valued and the best thing of all is that praise is free.

I remember asking an old boss why he didn’t tell anyone when they had performed well. His response? ‘Why should I? They are just doing their job, aren’t they?’

So, if you think someone has done a good job tell them and let everyone else know too.  If you’ve done a good job yourself then don’t forget to step back and give yourself praise.

Good leadership is all about making sure you inspire staff to give the best to the business and your customers. It will pay dividends many times over.



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