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anything else (free stuff) You can respond to reporters’ queries that are looking for story ideas and resources. Some are small media opportunities, but others are major media outlets that use this service too.


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DO think of a business name that includes your keywords (a keyword is what people might put into Google when looking for your business).

Make it very clear by the name.. what you do. THIS IS IMPORTANT

In thinking of your business name use the following tools to see what phrases associated with your keyword are being searched

Free keyword tools

Collect many, many keywords associated with your name while you are there. You will need them later.

So maybe you are selling luxury doggie treats and your keyword is dog bones and you decide your business name is WOW WOW Dog Bones


DO go to and do a search for your name with no spaces or hyphens.  Such as     wowwowdogbones      The search result will show you if your name is available

Try to remember that you may be giving the name in a rush or over the phone so it must be catchy or easy to understand and remember.

Also choose a .com,, .net, .info and .org only and preferably if they are all available and you can afford it buy them all. They are about £6 each per year. This prevents customers in future going to the wrong business.

DO NOT let some one buy your domain name for you!!! This is the equivalent of putting the new property you bought into someone else’s name.  Not even if they are nice and seem to be very helpful. Never transfer your domain to someone else. They should never ask, it is unethical. Once you own your domain you will only need to change the DNS or the names servers. Don’t be scared if you don’t know what that means Namecheap has online chat support and can help you with that when the time comes to get hosting.


DO NOT go to one of these free website making places and get a free site like WIX, one and one etc. You will never rank it properly, ever.

DO NOT ask Thomson local or yell to make your website for you. You will never rank it properly and will pay over the odds.

DO get a wordpress website this covered in next step


DO NOT try one of these free hosting sites. There will be  price to pay and hosting is too cheap to skimp on. You may suffer with slow moving site or a lot of down time. Often when you need help for any reason free hosting is non existent.

DO try they have cpanel access which allows you to have a wordpress site installed more easily and then you can choose a theme to suit your business or look for other hosting that offer cpanel.

Tutorials on you tube can instruct you how to set up your own site with cpanel and wordpress


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