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Contact Management

contact managementWhat is contact management?


You may have loads of people come and go on your site. How can you capture them? How can you get them to actually buy something?


Contact Management: We can help manage your potential clients for you.

Managing clients:

    • Giving you (and setting up for you) a sign-up form on your site which automatically signs up clients and sends an automatic response or gift like a free report (or maybe greetings on their birthday). We can send reminders from certain dates or greetings relevant to certain seasons.
    • Sending and laying out a personal newsletter for you once a month which compliments your site in colour and style. (You are responsible for content). It can include photos, links and even videos.
    • Sending batches of up to two email blasts besides the newsletter per month if you need it. (these could be surveys, news, etc, again you are responsible for content) Again we will lay out in a design which compliments your site, so your branding is re-enforced.
    • Tracking that newsletter and any emails you send out through us.

Tracking tells you:
How many people opened your newsletter
How many times each person opened and if someone forwarded your mail
How many clicks on links and what those links were and who clicked them
Allows them to unsubscribe and lets you know if someone does
Tracking is dependent on cookies so if it is not enabled by a client there is no information (small percentage of this occurring)

But there is more…

We’ve only just begun discussing the upside of contact management services. Every email or newsletter that you send through Start Up NOW is a social marketing opportunity – in the form of tweets to your Twitter followers, updates to your Facebook fan page, “likes,” “retweets,” “shares,” “follows,” and more. With Start Up NOW’s Social Tools Integration, we can create and share links to your email communications directly from within our application. We will automatically post a web-version of your email message – and then report related views and clicks to you.

Contact Management and All for only £38 per month!


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