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Google search SEO for online businesses in the UKGoogle Search SEO for local results is what will give the the most new traffic.

Let us be your guides on Google Search SEO. We’ve got the stuff your business needs and we can help you get more customers by optimizing your listing. We will claim your spot on Google Local Listings and Maps for you.

We will be able to let you know in our consultation if we think we can get you to the front page of a local search. You get a full refund if we don’t get you the spot we promised. It is that simple, so there is no risk and no mudding about.

According to Google 42-45% of searchers click the first listing they find, 8-10% click the second, and 2-3% click the third. Advertisements in the top are being clicked less and less - now around 1-2% of the time. Advertisements in the right side receive almost no clicks.

Where are they clicking? Not in the paid advertisements but in the local and organic searches. We can help you make the best of your local listing.

With local searches the nearest company with the most up-to-date complete listing gets the top spot. We can help you make the most of your listing and help drive more customers to your door through Google Search SEO methodologies.

Google Search SEO Tactics and Strategies

Cost is a flat fee of £595 which includes the following:

  • Setting up your profile on Google Places Plus and Maps Account. Entering your business details, keywords, opening hours, payment methods, adding a coupon which can be downloaded onto a phone and linking to your website. (If you don’t have a website, we can help.)
  • Ranking on first page for 3 exact search terms in local searches
  • Recording  and editing a video commercial relevant to your business and uploading to YouTube and then guaranteed rank on the first page of a Google search  (Alternatively we can use a video of your choice or offer professional video commercial services for optimum response) We also upload to any other video sites that may be applicable
  • Taking and uploading 5 or more Geo-tagged pictures or logos to your pages. (We can use your pictures if you have suitable ones)
  • Uploading images of your business to Google’s Panoramio
  • Adding your business profile to at least 30 online relevant directories for high quality back-links, using several sites where customers can easily review your business like qype

Google Search SEO Customer Information

Then once a month you will receive a report showing statistics of the number of impressions (people who see your listing), the number of actions (how many people clicked), and what search terms those people were using to find you. At the same time letting you know exactly what days were showing the highest and lowest traffic.

After set-up we can maintain your listing so you don’t fall behind for only £10 a month which includes one new directory listing profile a month or one posted backlink on a relevant site. If you want more than just maintaining the status quo ask us about our other SEO and blogging packages that are tailor made for your business.

(Google’s most recent communications are quoting up to 6 weeks for a Google maps update this is another reason why we offer a 60 day Full Refund so you have time to get the full result)

* You must take our keyword advice on your website relative to the information your site reflects. If you don’t have search terms in mind, we will choose the most suitable.











Google Search SEO

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