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Apple Mac Support

We love Macs and I personally have been an apple owner since the iMac revolution back in 1998 (aargh! showing my age) when I was working for a local newspaper doing advertising work on an Apple and had my own iMac at home as well. Though I know my way around PCs, I have used Apple products continuously from that time.

I am typing this on my trusty MacBook Pro Right now using the latest OS and have had an iPhone/iPad since they came out as well.

Over the years I have encountered about every issue that could happen on a mac and learned to resolve them consistently without having to access a genius bar for over 15 years. Matter of fact on two occasions I have solved problems for clients that were not able to be resolved at a genius bar.

We can offer support with any Apple device and can troubleshoot any problems quickly and efficiently. If we don’t solve your problem, you don’t pay. It is pretty simple.

I am lazy and will find any shortcut possible to make my life easier so can help hack your way to a more efficient use of your apple products.

We can help you set up faster work flows on your devices/computer, help you use native programs on your Apple devices, or just find ways to make your life/work easier using your Apple products more efficiently. We also have a long, long list of resources of other Apple friendly free software which will make your life easier.

We can:

  • Set up devices
  • Set up your emails
  • Set up iCloud
  • Set up rules on your email
  • Help slow macs be more responsive
  • Help you find faster ways to do many tasks
  • Make room on full hard drives
  • Get rid of malware / viruses (rare but does happen to macs as well)
  • Advise you on ways to make your business/ life more efficient using your Apple products while saving money on products that you may subscribe to already
  • Help you recover passwords or reset your computer
  • Offer a training session to show you how to use your mac that is suited to what you need if for


  • Unhappy mac faces on startup, grey screens, broken icons or questions marks
  • Why you can’t print
  • Buggy programs
  • Why you can’t eject a disk
  • Fix the perpetual spinning wheel of doom (beach ball)
  • Can’t turn it on / it won’t turn on
  • Devices not syncing
  • Problems with music/photo transfer to devices
  • Problems with screens and resolution
  • Wifi problems

and more so much more.

No fix no fee -  straight £60 per hour mobile to your home within the East London area minimum one hour charge. Most single jobs will not exceed one hour.


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